(more than) 10 motivations to go fair...

(more than) 10 motivations to go fair...

For World Fair Trade Day we put the spotlight on an eclectic range of fair trade brands, asking for their wisdom on what it means to be ethical and exceptional! From...

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May 12, 2022 collaborators Community Progress Sustainability
Smallholder farmers use different regenerative agriculture techniques to care for their land, resulting in healthy soils

Regenerative Farming: A Quest To Save Earth

Smallholder farmers are doing what they can to save our soil and now want to make it official

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Apr 20, 2022 Community Environment Progress Sustainability
Liberation Fairtrade cashew nuts have huge benfits for people and planet.

In a nutshell - the benefits of eating nuts every day

From glowing skin to the protection of the planet, adding a handful of Fairtrade nuts into your daily diet can make big changes.

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Mar 21, 2022 Environment Health Nuts Sustainability
Ilana has set up a successful cheese-making business with the support from the coop and initiative set up to recognise the value of women's unpaid work.

Recognising the value of women's unpaid Work in Achuapa, Nicaragua

Sharing the successes of entreprenuerial women in Nicaragua who have set up their own businesses with the help of Del Campo's credit system

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Mar 08, 2022 collaborators Community Progress
Chikondi Moyo holds our a macadamia nut, also known as a retirement crop and offering food security and economic security as well as helping with carbon damage mitigation.

Paying our way through a carbon mitigation initiative

- the first step in lowering Liberation's impact through promising partnerhsips and proactivity

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Mar 03, 2022 collaborators Environment Sustainability
Calvin Masinga and his two sons in their macadamia orchard which supports climate adaptation and resilience

Agroforestry for climate adaptation - an in depth investigation

Emmanuel Zuza shares his expertise on climate-smart Macadamia Agroforesty in the battle against climate change

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Feb 10, 2022 collaborators Community Environment Nuts