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We Are Liberation

Liberation Foods is not just a Fairtrade nut company.

We are a social enterprise that is majority owned by the smallholder farmers around the world that plant, nurture and pick the crops that make our products.  

By investing their hard-earned cash in the business, they show true belief in our ethos, values and vision as well as receiving full and fair value for their hard work and committment.

It also gives a 100% guarantee that there are no shady investors behind the business! 

But it´s not just about them. As a customer, when you choose products grown by cooperatives of small-scale farmers, you can be assured that profits are put back into local communities who work hard to improve livelihoods and care for their surroundings. And that feels good. 

Over the last few years loads of initiatives have been carried out by the farming cooperatives we work with. To name just a few: 

investing in renewable energy, making and promoting the use of organic pesticides, supporting women to set up their own businesses, emergency relief for families during Covid-19 and fighting large farming conglomerates.

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With a current membership of close to 4,000 smallholder farmers based across the South Indian state of Kerala, members grow a range of crops including cashews, coconuts, spices, and coffee.

FTAK is extremely active in promoting gender equality, the preservation of crop diversity & regenerative farming practices.

They are Fairtrade certified, a member of the INC and a shareholder in Liberation.


An umbrella organisation for 8 coops, uniting over 3,600 smallholder trading in peanuts, soya, honey, sesame, oil, cashews & hibiscus with a direct focus on gender equality, organic fertilisers & positioning farmers directly within the market chain.

They are Fairtrade certified, a member of the INC and shareholders in Liberation


HIMACUL are a relatively new cooperative union supporting smallholder macadamia farmers across 7 regions in Malawi.

They have a special focus on climate-smart agroforestry, working hard to support farmers resilience in the fight against the climate crisis.

They are Fairtrade certified and members of the International Nut Cooperative.

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