Good from the ground up


Community interest company

The nuts that go into our delicious range are planted, nurtured and picked by the smallholder farmers from across the world who are also majority owners of the company.

They get fair and full value for their work, have a loud and powerful voice in the running of the business and put value back into the local community and economy.  

A bit more

tasty nuts that don´t cost the earth

It's important to know that thriving smallholder farming communities are critical to creating a more sustainable world.

They work hard to preserve biodiversity, tackle climate change and challenge social inequality.

So choosing products grown by them is a better way to protect the planet and narrow that giant wealth gap!

  • Fairtrade

    Choosing people over profit.

  • Plant based

    Communities that care for the environment.

  • Social Enterprise

    Doing business differently.


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