Widening availability in Waitrose - Liberation Nuts

Widening availability in Waitrose

Widening availability in Waitrose

From today, Liberation’s oven roasted range will be available in more Waitrose outlets. Our lines are being stocked in an additional 20% of shops across the UK. Liberation products are also still available from Waitrose online.

The Salted Cashews and Peanuts and Chilli & Lime Cashews, Peanuts & Roasted Corn packs are popular with customers, which led to the increased distribution.

Our sustainably sourced nuts are seasoned with natural ingredients. Both flavours are gluten free and vegan – making them the ideal ethical snack.

We buy nuts from farming cooperatives that are committed to environmental sustainability. Most use traditional and organic farming methods. In addition, chemicals that harm the environment are banned.

We bring the best quality nuts from Nicaragua, Burkina Faso and India to the UK for you to enjoy. Furthermore, we ship all our raw material to minimise our carbon footprint.

The extra distribution is perfectly timed with the Fairtrade Foundation’s 25th anniversary which takes place next week. We are proud to be a Fairtrade organisation, owned by smallholder farmers. All our products are certified Fairtrade – meaning producers earn a decent income. In addition, Fairtrade ensures that all worker’s rights are protected, and conditions are safe.

The increase means we will buy more nuts from the cooperatives we source from, giving a bigger income to the 35,000 farmers we work with. We think that’s fantastic news to start the weekend.


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