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Want to go to the world’s most ethical pub?

Want to go to the world’s most ethical pub?

The Green Vic could be the world’s most ethical pub and it’s opening in Shoreditch tomorrow.

What’s on the menu?

The pub only stocks products that have a positive environmental and/or social impact. Liberation’s Fairtrade nuts are available to snack on while sampling socially conscious wines, beers and ciders. Both our delicious chilli and lime and salted oven baked peanuts and cashews are on offer.

The beer selection is impressive. Toast Ale – pale ale made from surplus bread that donates all profits to food banks, Bumble Beer – a vegan pilsner that sets out to protect the bees and Big Hug Brewing – a social enterprise that donates its money to charities nationwide are just a few choices on the menu.

The Green Vic is also working with vegan chefs, The Green Grill. The fast food contains naturally sourced plant-based products making for a healthy and ethical meal, in keeping with the pub’s character.

But it doesn’t stop there

One in four of the staff at The Green Vic are from vulnerable or disadvantaged backgrounds. The pub has partnered with Unity Kitchen, a social enterprise that trains people with disabilities to get the key skills and qualifications needed to work in hospitality. There’s a second partnership with Change Please, another social enterprise that trains homeless people to become competition level baristas and support them to find jobs or start their own coffee businesses with a coffee cart.

The pub has a three-month residency at on Great Eastern Street, in the heart of London’s vibrant neighbourhood, Shoreditch. It will be open every day from midday to midnight, and host various charity events. Keep an eye out for news of quizzes and special cocktail menus. The goal is to open a permanent site early next year.

Liberation is thrilled to be involved with a venture that puts social purpose first. The pub is a convenient way to support innovative businesses. Our office is just down the road, so we’ll be popping in for pint or two in the coming weeks. If you’re in London, we suggest you do too.


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