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Step Inside The Community Store, Nicaragua

Step Inside The Community Store, Nicaragua

The “Tienda Campesina” or ‘village store’ was where it all started for the Juan Fco Paz Silva cooperative in Achuapa (a member of the Del Campo Co-operative that is a shareholder of Liberation Foods and its number one supplier of peanuts).

It was 1989 and Nicaragua was still reeling from the economic blockade and war waged upon it by the US through the mid-1980’s.  The store provided good quality, low priced basic foods and agricultural inputs to the community at a time when products were scarce and very expensive. Fast-forward 30 years and it still serves the same purpose today – THE point of contact for the co-op members on a daily basis.  

The store is now at the forefront of the cooperatives push to provide locally produced healthy nutritious products from the wonderful nuts and seeds, which are generally produced only for export.  Sesame & Chia snap bars, sesame oil, a paste for making instant drinks are all available at fair prices.  This co-operative, which founded Fairtrade sesame 25 years ago, is facilitating that wonderful healthy products are being consumed in the rural mountains of Nicaragua as well as in the UK through their brand, Liberation Foods.


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