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Smart thinking with Matt Lovell

Smart thinking with Matt Lovell

At Liberation, we love sharing our nuts and inviting people to give us their verdict. This week we’ve teamed up with Matt Lovell – a nutritional therapist with a special interest in elite sports performance. Besides running his own consultancy, Matt has advised the England rugby team, Olympic athletes and Premier League football teams. Here’s what he has to say:


“I’ve always been a fan of nuts for their high nutrient density and snack filling potential. I recommend people snack on nuts as part of a daily routine. These smart snacks are great because they are Fairtrade and pre-packed portions – that way you keep to enough to satisfy without over doing it.

The kids liked them as part of their packed lunches. Nut eaters are generally healthier than non-nut eaters too. This is because nuts are full of protein, fibre, minerals and good types of fat. One of my favourites are walnuts with their high antioxidant content, but also Brazil nuts for selenium and pumpkin seeds for magnesium and zinc. Those minerals are really essential for health and wellness.”

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