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Recharge Your Activism At Glastonbury 2017

Recharge Your Activism At Glastonbury 2017

As the country is in the midst of a mini heatwave, revellers heading to Glastonbury this week will no doubt be reaching for their sun lotion rather than their wellies as the hot weather is set to continue.


And it’s not just the temperature that will be heating things up at the festival. This year’s Glastonbury Left Field Tent (run by Billy Brag) will once again become a rallying place for those with a social conscience looking to recharge their activism which is why Liberation will be supporting the Tent again – providing our delicious nuts for the back stage green room, served alongside some quenching Fair Drinks.


Here at Liberation, we love the fact that the Glastonbury Left Field Tent fights for change to give poorer people just half a chance to live decent, happy and worthwhile lives.



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