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Vicky Bhogal – Salted Caramel Cashew Praline

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Vicky Bhogal – Salted Caramel Cashew Praline

Crush, chop or bash 50g Fairtrade salted cashews, so that you have very small pieces. Lightly toast in a dry non-stick frying pan and set aside.

Line a baking sheet with baking paper, then place 165g Fairtrade caster sugar in a heavy-based pan with 1/4 cup of water and dissolve over a low heat. Once dissolved, turn up the heat and boil, but do not stir, until the syrup begins to caramelise. When it is a deep amber colour, remove from the heat, wait for it to stop bubbling, and stir in the cashews. Pour evenly onto the baking paper and leave to set for about 15 minutes.

Carefully peel the praline pane off the paper, break into chunks and then crush in a food processor to give smaller shards.

Tastes good by itself or served with a good quality ice cream


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December 3, 2014

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