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Plant power: vegan recipe inspiration

Plant power: vegan recipe inspiration

The United Nations has released a report that suggests switching to a plant-based diet could be one of the most crucial ways to help reduce climate change. Cutting food waste and encouraging more sustainable farming are also listed as some of the key ways to protect the planet.

At Liberation, we’re committed to sourcing nuts from cooperatives that use sustainable farming methods, minimise food waste in our supply chains and invest in reforestation projects. Plus, our products are all vegan.

Are you considering going vegan, or simply cutting down on meat and adopting a more ‘flexitarian’ diet? To help inspire you, we have rounded up some of our favourite vegan nut recipes.


Vegan peanut butter pancakes

Who doesn’t like American style pancakes? It’s easy to make them without eggs and if you add peanut butter, you get some extra protein which will keep you full for longer. Top with fresh fruit and pour yourself a Fairtrade coffee.

Recipe from: Sainsbury’s

Peanut butter banana smoothie

Peanut butter and banana is a classic combination – you really can’t go wrong. Just pick your favourite daily alterative milk – pop everything in the blender and it’s ready in seconds. This recipe also uses medjool dates for some more sweetness.

Recipe from: Loving it Vegan


Gingery thai kale salad with cashew dressing

This is a simple, quick, healthy and delicious lunch option. If you mix the salad ingredients together and keep the dressing separate, it makes a great packed lunch. Plus, taking your lunch to work reduced single-use plastics. Bonus.

Recipe from: Minimalist Baker

African peanut soup

This is a fairly heavy soup that will fill you up. Perhaps better for a cooler day. The mix of sweet potato, peanuts and coriander make a fragrant and delicious mix.

Recipe from: Oh My Veggies


Brazil nut burritos

Burritos are so satisfying because they mix so many flavours and textures. These are Ideal for a quick weeknight meal… or laying all the fillings out and taking your time to enjoy them with friends.

Recipe from: Nutriciously

Cashew and veggie stir fray

This recipe is ideal for using up any veggies you have at home. The cashews replace any meat you may ordinarily use and this option is served with quinoa instead or rice – which is an extra source of protein. Another super healthy choice.

Recipe from: yummly

Nut burgers

There are lots of amazing veggie and vegan burger recipes out there. We like this one because its packed full of nuts and is seriously filling. Adjust the nuts, depending on what you have in your cupboard. And don’t forget to make some potato wedges to serve on the side.

Recipe from: Bowl Me Over


Peanut butter protein balls

This is one of our recipes in collaboration with Zaytoun. They take just five minutes to make and are a fantastic healthy snack to boost your energy.

Recipe from: Liberation Foods

Peanut butter cookies

Very easy, very rewarding. These cookies will satisfy any craving for something sweet. You can also add some chocolate chips for ultimate indulgence. Yum!

Recipe from: The Jolly Rabbit


In addition to Liberation’s delicious range, we also supply customers across Europe with the best quality, natural nuts. If you pick up Fairtrade nuts in Sainsbury’s or Tesco, then you’re still supporting the 35,000 farmers we work with. If you’re cooking with nuts, feel free to share your pictures with us on social media and tag us.


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  1. I love all of these delicious recipies! Lots of great options to enjoy – I’m looking forward to the peanut butter pancakes in the morning. Thank you!


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