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Liberation Peanut Pendant by Greg Valerio

Liberation Peanut Pendant by Greg Valerio

For many years Liberation Foods has been collaborating with Twin to support smallholder suppliers within key value chains, in particular in Malawi. Along with producer association, NASFAM we can reinvigorate the export market for groundnuts. We help to improve quality management practices such as sustainable agriculture, training farmer leaders. Every little help in the pursuit of becoming gender champions and make buying systems more practical and cost effective – all of which are imperative to trading successfully on an international stage.

Liberation help support the initiatives which help empower the lives of small-scale nut producers. They live in some of the most challenging regions in the world. It is with this we are excited to announce our exclusive partnership with award winning British Fair Trade ethical jeweller, Greg Valerio. Greg has has created a fabulous 9 carat Fairtrade gold peanut pendant which could be yours.


£50 from the sale of each Fairtrade 9 carat gold peanut pendant will be donated directly to Liberation Foods Nut Value Chain Partnership

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