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Organic your September

Organic your September

In the UK, the Organic food market grew for five consecutive years. Each September, the Soil Association runs a celebration of all things Organic. The campaign aims to draw attention to how organic is better for both people and the environment. As an advocate for sustainable farming, we’re keen to back the campaign. So, we’re offering an overview of what organic is, its benefits and which of our products are organic.

What exactly is Organic?

Organic products come from farming that does not use manmade fertilisers or pesticides. Meat is free range and reared without antibiotics or additives. Organic farming relies on crop rotation and animal or plant-based manures.

Organic food is traceable from farm to fork. And, European law provides a list of standards that must adhered to before an Organic label can be used.

Organic farming takes a lot of time and commitment. It can take years for a farm to be certified. This is because soil needs time to recover if chemicals had been previously used. When a farmer first switches to organic, yields often decrease before they gradually increase again.

 Why choose Organic?

Natural Organic ingredients are used in food, drinks, clothing and beauty products. But no matter what the end product is, organic farming helps promote a better world.

There’s higher nutritional value in the food: research has repeatedly shown that there is significant difference in nutritional content of organic food compared to non-organic food. In 2014, researchers at Newcastle University found organic crops have up to 60% more antioxidants.

It’s better for the planet: Organic works with nature, not against it. The farming methods don’t erode soil or contaminate water and wildlife can thrive – especially vital pollinating insects. Soil is a living ecosystem with organisms working together to sustain plant life. Healthy soil helps to protect biodiversity and encourages plants to grow.

Are Liberation Nuts organic?

Liberation’s brand is not certified Organic, but a lot of the ingredients are in fact organic. The Organic certification takes a time and investment. Some of the cooperatives we source from are certified organic, but some are not and struggle to find funding to gain certification. However, all the cooperatives we work with use farming methods that echo those of organic farming. We never source from farmers that use chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

As we blend nuts from different cooperatives, our products are not organic. However, this is something that is likely to change in the future.

In addition to Liberation’s own branded products, we also supply own-label nuts to customers like Tesco and their nuts are certified Organic.


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