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Butcher’s Shop But Not As You Know It

Butcher’s Shop But Not As You Know It

As ever in January we are swept up on a tide of talk about healthy eating. My modus operandi in January is actually to keep eating up the Christmas cake whilst I read and watch all the interesting stuff about healthy eating…I will rein in the calorie count come early Spring when the weather tells me to come out of comfort eating mode.

In the meantime I have been very interested to read about the trend for vegetable butchery – an expert to spiralize your courgette and blitz your cauliflower into rice – I like it.

What I would like even more would be a nut butcher. He or she would be on hand to create your bespoke roasted and flavoured peanuts, your Sunday nut roast and your cashew pesto; amongst many other nutritious nutty delights. Here at Liberation we are on a mission to bring nut producers and consumers together and in doing so to extol the virtues of nuts as a key protein-packed part of a daily, healthy diet.


So let’s see if we can make nut butchery happen in 2017 and give ourselves and small-scale nut producers a boost.


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