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Liberation Visits Bolivia.. Part 4

My travelling companions were Max our film Director, and Charlie our cinematographer. Both top guys, their knowledge and insight, enthusiasm and empathy for our business and work was second to none.

2015-05-29 14.12.17A little background, Liberation secured funding to produce a film which will premier on National Nut Day on 22nd October. The purpose of the film is simple, Liberation Foods is the UK’s only Fairtrade, farmer-owned nut company and we want to tell everyone about it. The film will be used to tell the story of our partners in Bolivia, their livelihood and the journey of Brazil nuts.

Liberation works with and buys nuts from co-operatives whose small-scale growers and farmers own 44 percent of their company; our aim is to secure decent incomes for smallholder nut producers around the world.

Liberation’s products make sure producers are paid at least the Fairtrade minimum price for their nuts and receive a Fairtrade premium for every kilogram they sell; ensuring farmers can earn a decent living from their labor. These premiums are then invested in the community for future projects, such as solar-powered fences,   health care and education facilities.

IMG_0298The experience of being behind the scenes observing how these guys work was exciting, moments that come once in a life time. I think a total of 24 hours of film are ‘in the can’. One of the most magical moments for me was the sight of groups of local children excited by the camera drone  ‘which they fondly referred to as a helicopter’ – the footage from this alone will inspire you, when you watch the film you will see the majesty of the Brazil trees from the skies.

If there was a series ‘Post Cards from Bolivia’ then I could bore you with chapter on filming alone!

Next time I will tell you more about the workshops and Coinacapa, one of the cooperative who we travelled with..

National Nut Day, 22nd October 2015

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