Let The Music Play and Dance in Nicaragua - Liberation Nuts

Let the music play!

Let the music play!

Nicaragua, which means, “here united with the water,” is a sovereign state whose people love freedom and independence. The western region of the country was colonised by Spain, where the east was once a British region with a culture similar to that of the Caribbean nations. Today the country is a democracy, with elections and a government dedicated to social justice and peace. The merging of different cultures within Nicaragua has caused the dawn of a creative, lively and blissful culture.


As a result, Nicaragua is a country keen on their music and dance, a product of the different heritage and cultures from before. It is as if each region gave birth to a different music and dance, yet still come together to mesh perfectly creating this one cultural identity.



This video features Brigido Soza, President of the Juan Francisco Paz Silva Co-operative in Nicaragua, one of the many small producer co-operatives that supply our tasty nuts. In Nicaragua’s case it is Peanuts or Groundnuts. Here he is singing a traditional Nicaraguan song about the environment with his small friend Yerik Alexander Arauz Perez.




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