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Introducing Laura – Food Technologist extraordinaire!

Introducing Laura – Food Technologist extraordinaire!

Liberation works so well because every link (person) in the chain is important and plays a valuable part! Recently we have been introducing some of our network around the world but today we want to introduce our new UK team member: Laura Allen.

Laura recently joined the Liberation team as our new Food Technologist, a role described as ´the custodian of integrity for Liberation´… but what does it actually involve??

We managed to catch up with Laura and ask her directly and get to know her a little bit better….


Hi Laura, welcome to the team! So, what exactly does your role involve?

Hello! I am the Food Technologist which involves a variety of tasks all to keep Liberation Foods’ products safe, legal and of the best quality. I work with customers and suppliers to ensure the consumer receives the very best product.

Where were you before Liberation? 

My most recent role was for a large manufacturing company, getting stuck in in the factory and developing products for the UK’s major retailers. I also have previous experience in food wholesale so I have seen the industry from a few different points of view.

What interested you about working with Liberation?

Working for a company who deals with Fairtrade, sustainably sourced products is fantastic; to know the company you work for benefits other people’s lives is a great feeling. I was really keen to work in a smaller company because I believe smaller companies are closer with their products and with their supply chain, making them more passionate about what they are trying to achieve.

What are you most looking forward to in this role?

I am looking forward to developing new products and from this I hope we can widen our reach and become a brand people know and love, stocked in stores over the UK. Once the world starts to return to “normal” I am looking forward to meeting and working closely with our stakeholders from over the globe.

Your role will involve some product development…can you tell us a bit about the process for product development?

Once you create a concept, you have to make sure it tastes good and looks good! There’s so much to consider including, but not limited to: recipes, feasibility, year round ingredient availability, packaging, costs etc.

A challenge is to anticipate the ever changing wants of the consumer; the process of concept to launch can be lengthy and trends can come and go quickly so there can be a risk that you’ve missed the boat by the time your product is launched.

It is so rewarding to develop a new product, see it on the shelves and know that it’s being enjoyed in people’s homes.

As Liberation is all about moving to a more sustainable lifestyle, can you give us a tip on how to live more sustainably?

Ditch the disposables! There’s so many options out there for reusables or refillables – water bottles, face wipes, cleaning products, nappies and more. It saves money too so what’s not to love!

And of course, we have to ask…What is your favourite nut?!

A hard one to answer, all nuts have great benefits as they contain a variety of vitamins & minerals, and have high protein & fibre levels, but I’m rather partial to a pistachio! Not only do they taste great but they are versatile in meals (sprinkled on salads and tagines in particular!). The shells slow me down which is a good thing as I’d probably eat a whole pack in one go otherwise!


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