An Interview With Francisco From Bolivia - Liberation Nuts

An Interview With Francisco From Bolivia

An Interview With Francisco From Bolivia

Let us introduce you to 58-year-old, Francisco Layme Beltrán (gatherer of Liberation’s Fairtrade Brazil nuts) who travelled nearly two days by bus and on foot to meet Angela del Valle (Head of Buying at Liberation Foods) at the processing factory where his product is processed.

Francisco comes from a community called Santa Rosa de Dos in Pando, Bolivia. This is one of the three communities that form the Association AIRA who Liberation buys Brazil nuts from.

Francisco has been living in this community, which houses 60 people, for 18 years. He originally comes from the capital city, La Paz and moved to the Bolivian Rainforest region in the hope of finding an easier and more tranquil life. He has seven children (two girls and five boys).

The average production of trees up until 2016 was 3 Barricas (198Kg). However, in 2017, Francisco only managed to collect around 17Kg of Brazil nuts from his trees. He was particularly concerned about this year’s low production as this is his only source of income. He told us that he was very happy and proud to know that his trees also help preserve the planet where many people, including his family, live. That’s why he says that the “Brazil nuts are his life.”

Francisco finds it difficult in his community as they don’t get much support from the government. For example, the school in his community receives minimal supplies.

As Angela was in Bolivia on the eve of Father’s Day, she asked Francisco how they normally celebrate this day in his community. His response:

“Whilst we don’t do much in the way of celebration, we definitely get loads of hugs from our children.”


So a happy belated Father’s day Francisco.



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