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An income boost for smallholder farmers this festive season

An income boost for smallholder farmers this festive season

We are excited to announce that we have launched a new Fairtrade line for this year’s Tesco finest* Christmas range. The product, Fairtrade Chocolate Caramelised Cashews with Cranberries, will bring extra income to farmers and their communities in countries such as Burkina Faso, Cameroon and Costa Rica.

The new selection is an indulgent but ethical addition to your festivities. There are two types of cashews: caramelised and coated in decadent dark chocolate from the Dominican Republic. The remainder are roasted and coated with creamy white chocolate from Cameroon and Costa Rica, then misted with fine dark chocolate for a beautiful marble finish. The nuts are paired with sharp, zesty cranberries that cut through the rich chocolatey nuts and offer a perfect contrast.

We have taken time and care to find the highest quality ingredients with the best flavour. Amanda, our Business Development Manager tried and tested numerous recipes before we settled on this one. As always, all ingredients have been sourced from cooperatives that strictly use environmentally friendly farming methods.

As part of Liberation’s ongoing commitment to environmental issues, the packaging can be recycled. All our products will be available in recyclable packaging in 2020.

The cashews come from the Fair Trade Alliance Kerala in India and Corpolef in Burkina Faso. Both cooperatives are longstanding partners. Tesco sells their natural Fairtrade, Organic cashews throughout the year. However, this Christmas product has increased sales and boosted income for farmers.

We have paid over £1million in Fairtrade premiums since we started, which has been used to address local problems. For example, building a maternity wing in Burkina Faso, providing clean water to rural communities in India and training rural communities in the Bolivian Amazon rainforest to protect the land and prevent fires.

The product comes in 225g packets and is available now in Tesco stores across the country and online. Feel free to get in touch and let us know what you think.


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