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Harvest Time

Harvest Time

This week we are munching on Nicaraguan chocolate covered cashews – delicious. They’re courtesy of Mei Mei and Dan who are braving the cold back in London after a week in the hot sun visiting farmers and factories with our shareholder producer co-op, in beautiful Nicaragua. The good news is that our Nicaraguan peanut harvest is in for this year and it’s a decent one – the peanuts are now safely stored ready to be shelled, cleaned and shipped over to us.

Over in the stunning, remote rainforest communities of Bolivia, the brazil nut gathering season is well-underway. Our shareholder gatherer co-op tell us that the volumes of brazil nuts falling to the forest floor are on the low side so far this year. That means they have to search even further and work even harder than usual to collect the crop. It’s a tough job and we salute them day in a day out. Check out the life of a gatherer in our film.

Another nut, another continent and Liberation’s shareholder cashew farmers in Kerala are also busy with harvest season underway; it’s come a bit earlier than usual this year so all hands to the deck!

Next to come, in February, is the cashew harvest in Burkina Faso and the grape/raisin harvest in Chile – this is most certainly a crucial time of year for us and our producers to make sure that we can supply fabulous Fairtrade nuts and dried fruit for the year to come.



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