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Girl Power Through Gender Equality

Girl Power Through Gender Equality

A fighter for gender equality and liberating the livelihoods of women, Ana is proud to now be working within a community that champions equal rights for women – enabling them to access the same opportunities as the men who also gather brazil nuts. A reality unthinkable 10-20 years ago.

Ana Rebeca Mamani is a female brazil nut gatherer in Bolivia supplying to the COINACAPA cooperative (a shareholder supplier to Liberation Foods).


What’s more, her children are now in school and benefitting from a proper education system – something they are very grateful for. Her older child is in her second year of study which is a great achievement considering Ana was only able to study in primary school.


Thanks to the Fairtrade premium, Ana has been able to make improvements to her house and also buy clothes for her children. In true entrepreneurial spirit she even uses the income from selling brazil nuts to purchase wood to make crafts and furniture to sell.


Whilst times have been tough and food sometimes in short supply, Ana’s resilience and determination to get through challenging times makes her an inspiration to many.


This post is in honour of #WorldFairtradeDay.

To see what you can do to get involved follow the link:


Pictured standing from left to right are members of COINACAPA’S board:  Willy Huanca (treasurer), Adrian Rada (responsible for certification and gathering), Eulogio Suxo (General Manager) and Jose Marti (a member/producer of COINACAPA)


Sitting from left to right: Cinthia Flores (daughter of Ana Rebeca), Ana Rebeca Mamani (internal auditor), Gustavo Flores (son of Ana Rebeca), Jhon Munoz (Liberation Foods) and Julian Perez (President of COINACAPA)


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