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Feed the Flames of Passion on Valentines Day

Feed the Flames of Passion on Valentines Day

(by nutritionist, Fiona Kirk)

Firstly, a very brief but important bit of nutritional science! The health of our sex hormones is highly dependent on a good mix of vitamins and minerals which we get from our diet. The most important of these are the vitamins A, C, D and E plus a good mix of the B vitamins and the minerals zinc, magnesium and selenium. And… equally important, are healthy fats – and that includes saturated fats, monounsaturated fats and essential fats.

So… when it comes to boosting things in the passion department, you would be nuts not to go nuts about nuts as most are bursting with a mighty dose of many or all of the above!

All nuts are rich in protein which the body uses to build and repair body tissue (everything from bones, muscles, skin and blood to enzymes, hormones and other body chemicals) and all nuts are rich in fats which are the building blocks for the production of sex hormones so if you have been in any way swayed by the argument that nuts make you fat – think again! Nuts are right up there on the list of foods you should be endeavouring to get into your day – every day – for a healthy sex drive! And, unless you scoff your way through an overly large bag at one sitting, won’t pile on the pounds!

Here’s a list of the nuts you should definitely consider for a bit of energy-enhancement, stress and tension relief and a satisfyingly-healthy boost to your libido:

Cashews. Particularly rich in relaxing magnesium and testosterone-enhancing zinc.

Peanuts. Rich in the amino acid, l-arginine which encourages the production of nitric oxide and increases blood flow to sexual organs (NB: nitric oxide is the key ingredient in Viagra!)

Brazils. Tops for selenium which plays a majorly-protective role in sperm health and motility.

Almonds. Bursting with vitamin E and plant chemicals for optimum cardiovascular health and great for the skin, hair and nails.

Walnuts. The number one nut for a boost of Omega 3 fatty acids which are essential for mood, sharpness and energy.

Pecans. Super-rich in vitamin B3 which helps us access the energy we get from our diet.

Pistachios. A great source of vitamin B6, the great hormone-balancer.

BEST ADVICE? Go for a healthy and delicious mix of nuts and for added zing on Valentines Day, go for our chilli and lime mix – ask any Mexican about the passion-enhancing power of chillies when it comes to turning up the heat – it’s a no brainer!


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