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Did you Know?.. Dried Fruits & Berries

Dried Fruits and Berries are a great source of vitamin C which is crucial for a strong immune system, helping us to avoid debilitating bugs and viruses.

Deficiency of vitamin C is linked to fatigue, dental disease, mood changes, joint and muscle aches, easy bruising, dry hair and skin and all manner of infections. They are also rich in natural sugars so make an excellent alternative to snacks loaded with added sugars for those with a sweet tooth.

We’ll talk Dark Chocolate tomorrow

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Perfect for on-the-go ‘smart snacking’ or to help refuel after exercise, our new yummy healthy range, each with its own distinctive and tasty ‘mix’, includes:

  • Up & At ‘Em: Nuts, Seeds & Goji Berries – source of iron
  • Give Me Strength: A Cocktail of Nuts – source of protein for mighty muscles
  • Get Up & Glow: Nuts, Pear, Dark Chocolate & Ginger – source Vitamin B1

The 40g bags are available from traidcraftshop.co.uk priced £1.10.


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