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Come Dine With Us | Farmer’s Breakfast

Come Dine With Us | Farmer’s Breakfast

As part of our feasting season we wanted to share with you some typical dishes enjoyed by some of our nut producers for breakfast.


Take Bolivia for example. Julian Perez Ortiz, member of COINACAPA (Brazil nut producer co-operative and supplier of Tesco Fairtrade Organic Brazil nuts) normally eats breakfast around 8am, which usually includes green banana (plantain). This is firstly cut up and boiled and then pounded down and seasoned. They call this dish Masaco. His family also eat meat stew for breakfast and drink black tea – sometimes with a dash of brazil nut milk which is delicious!


Over in Nicaragua, Juan Bravo Reyes – President of Del Campo, (peanut producer co-operative) enjoys a traditional dish for breakfast called Gallo Pinto – a mixture of bean paste and rice served with fried eggs. He’s also a fan of fried banana with sour cream and a piping hot cup of coffee.


Last, but not least, over in Kerala, Ms Aniamma Roy – vice chairperson of FTAK (cashew producer co-operative) usually starts the day with tapioca – a fruit grown underground and also jackfruit, which is a good source of fibre. Her family also like to feast on rice dishes such as Dosa made from rice batter and black lentils.


Now that certainly beats a bowl of Kellogg’s!




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