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Cashews for Crisis at Christmas

Cashews for Crisis at Christmas

Since 1972 the homeless charity, Crisis, has offered food, warmth and companionship to people in London over the Christmas period. This winter, Liberation has donated over 50kg of natural cashews to Crisis to use in the annual nut roast.

Without the right support at the right time, a sudden increase in pressure, like losing a job, becoming ill, or leaving home to get out of an abusive relationship, can force people over the edge and they can find themselves with no one to turn to. This can be more pronounced at Christmas time when support services are limited.

Crisis at Christmas, London will open between Monday 23 December and Sunday 29 December. Centres in the North, West, South and East of the city will open until 9PM and allow people to eat, access the internet, obtain legal advice, repair their clothes or watch a bit of TV. All with the company of other people. The centres are safe and warm and offer a lively atmosphere.

Liberation tries to back charitable organisations whenever possible. We are thrilled to see our nuts being put to such good use. We wish for better fortune for those that need a safe, warm place to go this Christmas. And, applaud the volunteers that make Crisis at Christmas a success each year.

If you would like to offer some support to people in vulnerable positions this festive period, you can donate to your local food bank.



  1. Brilliant to learn that Liberation is supporting Crisis, a charity that I also support at Christmas, in this way.

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