Bolivian Independence Day – Dia de la Patria - Liberation Nuts

Bolivian Independence Day – Dia de la Patria

Bolivian Independence Day – Dia de la Patria

Join us and Liberation shareholder Brazil nut gatherers in celebrating Bolivia’s nearly 200 years of independence from colonial rule.


Bolivians may feast on treats such a fried bread, chorizo and chocolate on this day of celebration. Here at Liberation we shall mark the day with Brazil nuts from Bolivia – very lightly freshly roasted with a sprinkle of salt alongside a good big glass of red wine, preferably from Bolivia!


The Brazil nut gatherers that we buy our nuts from know a thing or two about battles for independence, right in their own remote rainforest communities. The gatherers’ path to selling Fairtrade nuts as a co-operative and co-owning Liberation Foods started with a long fight for the rights to the land from which they now gather brazil nuts.


So Vive La Revolution and long live the precious brazil nut trees and the communities that take care of them.


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