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Liberation Foods is the UK’s only Fairtrade, farmer-owned nut company. Our vision is a world in which smallholder nut producers earn a decent, secure income and can plan for the future of their families and communities. We buy our nuts from the cooperatives of small-scale farmers who own a 49% share of our company.



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Liberation Foods is the UK’s only fair trade, farmer-owned nut company. Our vision is a world in which small-holder nut producers earn a decent, secure income and can plan for the future of their families and communities. We buy our nuts from the co-operatives of small-scale growers and farmers who own a 49% share of our company.

Liberation brings together peanut farmers from Nicaragua, cashew farmers from India and Burkina Faso and Brazil nut gatherers from the Amazon rainforest. Our producer shareholders are united in their goal of selling their delicious nuts through their own company – they feel empowered to be actively involved in the whole supply chain.

Liberation was founded by the pioneering fair trade organisation Twin, alongside the producers. While it was in operation, Twin used to undertake amazing projects on our behalf with our producer shareholders, especially the peanut and macadamia producers in Malawi.

All of our products carry the Fairtrade mark which means that producers get paid at least the Fairtrade minimum price for their nuts and that they receive a Fairtrade premium for every kilogram they sell. The Fairtrade minimum price is designed to ensure that farmers can earn a decent living from growing their nuts – if the market price is above the Fairtrade minimum then we pay at least the market price. The Fairtrade premium is for farmer organisations to invest in community projects. Recent projects range from health care and education facilities to tools and equipment to grow even better nuts to solar powered fences to protect cashew trees whilst not hurting the endangered elephants that like to munch on them!

AIRA, Bolivia, Brazil nuts

Brazil nut gatherers can spend weeks in the forest collecting the nuts that fall from the trees that grow up to 160ft tall. AIRA is a small association of Brazil nut gatherers in the Bolivian Amazon rainforest. There are just three communities that form AIRA but they work together to sell their nuts internationally. 

FTAK, India – cashew nuts

The Fair Trade Alliance Kerala (FTAK)  is an organisation of 5,000 smallholder farmers in the hilly regions of the western Ghats of Kerala, India. FTAK promotes organic, crop diversification and traditional farming methods to help protect against climate change.

AIR MUIJE, Bolivia, Brazil nuts

AIR MUIJE is a very small cooperative in Bolivia. It only has 58 individual members that go into the Amazon rainforest to gather Brazil nuts. The members come from seven different communities in the Takaa-Cavineño territory of the jungle.

Coprolef, Burkina Faso – cashew nuts

Coprolef is a cooperative in the Kénédougou Province of Burkina Faso with 400 members. Over the past few years Coprolef has used the Fairtrade premium to build a maternity ward in the local hospital and buy a tractor to help farmers deliver their crops.

Del Campo, Nicaragua, peanuts

Del Campo is a group of 10 co-operatives that represents over 3,500 farmers and their families. A long-running Fairtrade premium projects is to provide members of the local communities with tools and training to make handicrafts to bring vital additional income.

TEAM Liberation

Dan Binks

Interim Managing Director

Dan is responsible for the overall performance of the Liberation Foods business, reporting to the Board of Directors. Whilst ensuring all our products meet our high-quality standards by developing and delivering the technical strategy and quality management systems for the business. Dan finds it liberating to put value back into the supply chain rather than take from it.




Martin Pedrick

Commercial Sales Manager 

Martin leads on sales for Liberation Foods – both our own brand and products that are sold under customers’ own label. Martin has always specialised in food and has worked for the likes of Del Monte and Gerber Juice. He loves working with nuts because they’re healthy and there are no boundaries to where they can be sold.


Ian Jackson

Head of Finance

Ian manages all of Liberation’s finances and has been with the company since 2009. Before working at Liberation, he worked for the global auditing company, BDO.  Ian is interested in how working with a traceable and fair supply chain can make a positive contribution to developing rural communities.

Adeana Wilson

HR & Business Support Manager

Adeana provides support to the Liberation team and makes sure the business runs smoothly. She manages information flow within the team and helps to streamline processes. She is passionate about Fairtrade and sustainability and previously worked for Cafédirect.



Angela del Valle

Head of Procurement and Supply Chain

Angela manages the end-to-end supply chain of the company. She works closely with the producer groups all over the world. She ensures that our supply chains are completely sustainable and traceable. Travelling to the farming communities is an important part of her job and she enjoys spending time with producers.

Bernadette Coote

Interim Communications Manager

Bernadette passionately drives our consumer engagement via social media to ensure we have a beneficial ongoing dialogue with our audience. Over the last few years, Bernadette has spent a lot of time volunteering on small-scale organic farms and perma-culture projects as well as teaching within different social enterprises and grassroots projects in Colombia. She works closely with a group of young social leaders’ who run social enterprises in Medellin to help develop their communication and business skills.


Mei Mei Zhao

Operations Manager

As soon as our nuts reach their warehouses in Europe, Mei Mei manages all the operations across the supply chains to ensure they are delivered to the right place at the right time. She works closely with our customers, manufacturers and warehouses. Mei Mei loves being part of a small team where she can see her contributions come alive quickly.




All of Liberation’s products are certified Fairtrade. This means all farmers get a decent price for their crops as well as a Fairtrade Premium to invest in community development projects. The Fairtrade system also helps to protect workers’ rights and promotes environmentally friendly farming.

Pioneering social enterprise in Hackney

Pioneering social enterprise in Hackney

Liberation was among the first organisations to be awarded the pioneering social enterprise in Hackney mark in 2016. The east London borough hopes that the mark will both help customers who want to spend their money in an ethical way and promote awareness of the significant benefits that social enterprises bring to Hackney.

Social Enterprise UK

Social Enterprise UK

Liberation is a member of Social Enterprise UK – the UK’s national body for businesses with a social or environmental mission. Liberation is part of a network of over 100,000 social enterprises in the UK.